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  • Mieze -

    Replied to the thread WH.

    Thank you, both were already banned :)
  • Marsel -

    Posted the thread WH.

    Probaly wh 2 diferent players.
  • Anay -

    Posted the thread Member Application.

    MY IN GAME NAME IS ANAY. LEVEL 33. My real name is also Anay. I am 17.I am a bit of crazy teen passionate about playing and devloping games. I live in INdia in UttarPradesh. I want to join your clan to be a part of the server I played on 16 times I…
  • DoMaxiHa -

    Replied to the thread Member Applicantion.

    Hmmm, your application is a bit short.......dont you want to tell us a bit more about you ? (Admins only) clientdetails.php?id=470829 Regards DoMaxiHa
  • Capital_F -

    Replied to the thread Member Applicantion.

    hello madureira !! you applied at last, good luck, a good fella ! :done: :done:
  • Madureira -

    Posted the thread Member Applicantion.

    Ingame-Name Madureira , and its my real name yeah, im 21 years old guy living and from Portugal, kind and simply guy that works and likes to play cod with other nice people, i play COD4 like 8 years or soo, play MW2, WW2, CSGO , and other games... i got…

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