applying to be a GB member/moderator

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  • applying to be a GB member/moderator

    hello there guys!!! as you all know i'm Kishore from IGN is INSOMNIA!!!!

    I am applying for the position GB member/moderator....i had been a moderator before but i screwed up letting someone else use my pc and commands....i did learn a valuable lesson and i was willing to ask for a second chance.....i sure have learnt some responsibilities and i want to learn more from you more people....most of you might know that i sure am active a lot always on the forums, servers, team speak, threads, and i do check echelon many times for any screenshots....i look for cheaters, hackers, etc....i sure have seen some of them and all i want to do is keep them out of the server :P ....i know being an admin comes with a lot of tasks and powerful responsibilities....and i am ready now to learn them and help as much as possible....most of the admins in the member list are not active as they used to be they dont get to play on the servers much....on the other hand....since my timeline is different....i do get to see a lot of people on the servers when the other admins aren't online....but i can't really do anything about as i asked for previously....all i need is a second chance and i promise not to screw it up this time....and i do want to learn a lot from you guys....i play mostly on gb1, gb2, gb4, gb6, gb11, gb9 and sometimes gb8 :P ....many members sure do know me and are very very ya i made some great friends :D ^^ ....they do teach me alot about how to play and trust me i have learnt very tell about me....i'm an anime fanatic, love to play football, cook, love to read novels and play a ton of games....i'm 19 years old turning 20 this feb....umm thats it i guess....i sure hope i have done well upto now to earn that position as an moderator....hoping for a positive reply from you guys....mainly from the management. Thank you in advance. ^^

    KEEP CALM AND BLAME IT ON THE LAG :thumbup: :thumbsup:

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  • As you already mentioned the last time you were moderator wasn't the best experience.

    You already had your second chance, too. I sent you a private message then we noticed there is something going wrong.
    I asked you to change your admin acting, you said you will do this. But that didn't happen.

    For this reasons we had to decline this application.
    No support via pm! Please use the forums.
  • but I sure have changed since then and did learn how and when to use I guess it's wrong to ask for another chance?? I mean you guys do know I am active and do play attitude and behaviour is I just want to learn more
    KEEP CALM AND BLAME IT ON THE LAG :thumbup: :thumbsup:
  • yes not all....the first ones were from me....after you sent a message I stopped and he din know....he used them....then I just was demoted....I did learn from my mistakes and now I know when and where to use them....I sure am doing a good job uploading screenshots and all
    KEEP CALM AND BLAME IT ON THE LAG :thumbup: :thumbsup: