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    • Suggestions for Server-Mods

      Hi community :hi: .

      Considering that some of our servers doesn't work so well ( not enough players ) :( , the management decided to ask YOU, our community,
      which suggestions do you have for new Mods.

      Write in the comments below!! After some time, we will start a survey with the most mentioned mods.


      the management
    • - promod deagle only
      - rifle sniper mod

      Those probably won't attract that many more players, but I don't believe the reason for empty servers is the mod only.

      In order to get more players other measurements should be taken:
      • internal server switching system. So you can then switch between our servers with commands like !gb8 and if a server is full you get a popup message saying, "Sorry, this server is full. Why not join one of our other servers? [clickable list of other servers with their playercount here]" See Universal Alliance servers for an example. :D
      • [EDIT] Better User Interface in general for Mapvoting. Eg. using the mouse to click on mappreview images with map titles.
      • other cool features ...

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    • DanFitLou wrote:

      Wäre durch ein einfaches Admin tool auf dem 3er leichter zu realisieren und mit Sicherheit auch effizienter als einen ganzen Server umzustellen.
      Ok, cool. Habe ich schon öfter gehört, nur bis jetzt noch nicht umgesetzt gesehen. :D

      DanFitLou wrote:

      Na dann mach mal :P :D
      Mach ich gerne, wenn ich's kann! Jetzt gerade würde es bei mir aber einfach zu viel Zeit fressen die Programmiersprache zu lernen in der CoD4 geschrieben ist.
      Ich mache was ich jetzt gerade kann beim Webdevelopment. :thumbup: Das kriege ich eher hin. ^^

      Außerdem hieß es doch, dass ihr vorschläge wollt. Nicht beschweren wenn ihr welche bekommt, sonst kommen irgendwann keine mehr. ;)
    • Would add a knife only mod, or deagle only(Killhouse 'n Shipment)
      Deathrun mod would also be entertaining, but I preffer these two.
      Any mod is suitable for me, just make the GB servers full :thumbsup:
      We just need one player(regular)on the server in order to play fun matches :D .Everything beginns from one active player who loves the chosen mod.
      "Have more than you show,speak less than you know."

      William Shakespeare
    • In my opinion there is too much servers now.
      13-14, why almost half are always empty?
      Maybe in the old days but now...we/players are only "scattered" between them all.
      GB should carefuly choose 7-8 quality servers (for example stock, ffa, gg, modded, s&d, zombies..) where members, admins,... will always be online
      And than that 7-8 servers we should all try to populate.

      Don't take this too serious i'm just donkey around here :)
    • deathrun, freezetag mod.

      servers can fill up if players join. problem is if a server has no one in it, it most likely wont show up on the server list. a lot of players set filters and one of those is to hide empty servers. I would suggest to also look into steam forums? ask there what players are looking for. many seem to be looking for a server that is stock.

      or what about getting a server or 2 in the us? most players I know don't like to play in servers they get over 100 ping in. during the day US time, I noticed the server gets pretty full or a couple of them do. but not so much at night.

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