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    Hi Gb fans :)To introduce myself to everyone; My name is Dzemal Kovacevic, born 18.08.1993 year ..Nick on the server or here Is Yamall. I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina precisely Cazin though you do not know nothing to do mainly that I mentioned who wants to see me just ask no problems;)The most I have to join and a member because I have as much time as you want, so now I do not know what to tell you .. :)Other that I played in the "games" is not I do not know the number of al list 'll give you some bass in my taste: NBA (2k16), Need 4 Speed (2012) Batllefield 4 (2014) and of course I can not do without Cod 4 because my favorite game ..And by the way how i find this server, and this forum is undeserving of you member Ghost, thanks him and loot.And now the most important thing about me: Most in my opinion is the evening time for basketball because I have to move can not constantly sit to play in the sense that it easier to fall asleep because let's say basketball I like CoD4 :)Plus music still West 4 Life (Tupac Shakur), I think everyone has their own.I hope good company and good fun, so much of me your Yamalll...
    :lol: :dash: :pump:
  • Hello Yamalll,

    like Toxic allready said, your Application is a bit short.
    But i also know you from GB#2.
    Here you can view the Guide for applications, this will help you organize specific things in your application.
    And make it looks better for others......

    Have you also visited our Teamspeak³ Server ? If you want to, you can "quick connect" through this Link.

    Regards Liiz

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  • Aplication isn't that good, I was expecting a bit more from you.Watch and respect the server rules, I see you camping sometimes, work on that please.Like Liiz said, visit our TS3 channel to get known with other Mambers/Moderators/Admins.I will stay neutral on this, will keep an eye on you.Prove yourself and you will have a vote.

    "Have more than you show,speak less than you know."

    William Shakespeare
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    We decided to decline your application because of the insulting, language and your behaviour in general.

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    Sun, 11/09/16 (04:49)
    Rule #7: No racism or offensive language (in any language)
    fuck admin and other admin !!!

    Tue, 10/05/16 (15:13)
    Rule #8: No profanity or offensive language (in any language)
    daj kikaj ovogcipa

    Thu, 28/04/16 (00:34)
    too many warnings: Rule #8: No profanity or offensive language (in any language)
    cica go fuck cow u fu***** idiot

    -I know those are old ones but the list is long!