Bo2 server

    • So a couple maps feel are small. Think both are the pool maps. One has a pool players climb in and can shoot out but not in. I think this map should get pulled unless an admin is on and they can select it.

      Also if keep both the maps, I think nades, etc should get disabled if possible. Not sure how hard that is to do. But if possible. Both super small.
    • poolparty was out of rotation (because that "ironman" pool), idk how it is again here (after restart 8o )
      poolday and reunion are ok (reunion is better because it is a little larger)
      but that nade idea for pools (if possible) is good one, because so manny frags you can't live more than 10sec even if you are hard experienced camper ;)

      edit: @cad: bro that few small maps gives you so much in skill lvl, try for a month playing on gb12, you'll see what will become from you bro

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