Application for GB Admin

  • Application for GB Admin

    Hi all!

    I have been thinking many times it would be great to have some admins rights,
    cause i play so much at your servers(they are best). its really annoying to play
    when hackers join server and you cant do nothing about it.
    Same goes for campers who don't move at all and would be good to have rights to warn
    them about that.

    So i finally decided its time to make apply for being admin

    Some info of me:
    • My in-game-Name is |GB|Assassin
    • My real name is Adil Latif.
    • My age is about 18 years old now
    • Most of the clan members know me and know my personality and my behavior I'm a member for a time now and before being a member I always have played on GB servers specially GB2 server.
    • I always try to keep order on GB servers specially GB2 server which is always must have some one who camps all the time and I'm always hate the campers, but always have nothing to do against them.
    • I tried my best before to catch any cheating activity within the servers, and I will do my best in the future to stand against them.
    • that is not the only reason but always I'm pleased to be a part of the clan.
    • thanks already.
    • :) :) :vain:
  • hmmm... It looks like you didn't read the News...

    DanFitLou wrote:

    3. Important

    To all you guys who are new to the GB-Clan and all full GB-Members.
    When the time comes up and you got promoted to GB-Member and after a while you want to become a GB-Member/Moderator all you have to do is write an application for the Member/Moderator group only and nothing more.
    There is no really need for an public application and it makes things easier for the Management.
    What you've just did is the complete opposite. :thumbdown:

    Anyways. As inEmptinezZ already mentioned

    inEmptinezZ wrote:

    i think that you should wait a little longer to apply as an admin espacially moderator.