Justice4HU Bullying

  • Justice4HU Bullying

    Hello Everyone,

    I've been a player on GB#2 for over 18 months now. I've come to notice Justice4HU. He rants about how everyone better than him is a spwankiller or a camper. If you have spent even the littlest time on GB#2 with him, you must have noticed this. I understand he probably has good intentions but his execution of these intentions is what's lacking. Calling every top player a noob and 'chickening' out to spectate and insult player some more when he is loosing is not my idea of how to make GB#2 a better place,. Please Admins, review his chat logs and see if I'm overeacting with this. GB2 is practically the only server i play on and I speak for myself when i say its always a better place when he's offline but I'm certain there are a number of people that will agree with me.
  • He behaves properly when admins are around. Without admins online, flaming; insulting are things which are done by him, not one time but constantly.

    I thought he was O.K, but it turned out differently. He deserved that ban.
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