Membership application: Prototype

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  • Membership application: Prototype

    In game name: Prototype
    Name: Mark
    Age: 37
    Country: the Netherlands

    About me:
    In real life I'm an IT systems administrator and also a designer of science fiction hardware. (Starships etc.)
    I have the IT job for 3 days a week and I do the design work from home the other 4. I'm on an ongoing quest to find balance in my life. I live in a small rural town in the Netherlands, very close to the German border. (We are called reserve Germans...) I can understand German, but I don't type it very well. (Mir fehlt auch das richtige Tastatur...)

    Why do you want to join our clan:

    After 196177 frags on the GB2 server (in 333.15 hours) I think it would be a good idea to apply for a membership. I feel like I'm part of the Gb2 interior.
    I prefer to play Deathmatch even if it is a bit of a solo game, it allows me to do quick rounds in between my work. That said: I have very little to offer the clan, except for being active on GB2 (It is a server that could use more presence of GB members, so I feel I could fill that in.) I prefer to not become an admin or get the extra member perks. I'm very bad at multi tasking, once I play I can barely even read the text on screen. Also I have an opinion about Ramzanborn and Daxok and opinions and judgment do not go well together. :D

    GB2 has been one of the few servers I can play on without eventually being banned. I don't show it often, but I'm grateful how the servers are being managed and how just the administration is. It is very professional and transparent. (Public ban list) I hope the admin part will always be held up to the high standard it has today. Also I like GB2, no custom maps or skins, no fullbright, not much to make the game different from its intent.

    Which game experience do you have?

    My first offline game I played in 1986 at age 6. (Digger by Windmill software) My first online game experience was in 1994, where we connected by 14.4kbps modem and played Doom 1vs1 (without a mouse I might add.)
    These are the online shooters I played the most in the last 23 years:
    Doom II
    Duke Nukem 3D
    Quake II
    Delta Force (Clan)
    Delta Force II < (Clan)
    Delta Force Land Warrior (Clan)
    Delta Force Black Hawk Down (Pro Clan for price money)
    DF: Joint Operations (Clan)
    F.E.A.R (Clan)
    SWAT 4 (Pro Clan)
    COD MW1 (Clan)
    COD MW2 (Clan)
    COD MW3 (Clan)
    COD BO
    COD Ghosts
    COD AW
    COD IW

    I'm now back to COD4 as I still like it a lot and it is a light game to run. I probably should move on to COD:WWII but I played the beta and the net-code is just not as smooth. (There is a lot of guesswork in the algorithms, that started back in MW2 when the consoles got the priority.)
    Still I do realize I'm getting "older" and while I'm doing ok, I will eventually have to find a new role and I might become a support gunner in TDM games. It is something I did in my previous clans with moderate success.

    How did you find us?
    I was looking for FFA servers, found GB2, never left. In fact I sometimes roam around the maps alone, discovering new spots and weak materials that are easy to penetrate. I understand that on killcam some of these might look suspicious.

    Did you read our rule set ?
    I have and I might suddenly be prone to rule 5.5 as I sometimes have projects that need my complete attention. But I would love to give it a go.

    Thanks for reading all this and I'm hoping for the best.


    Finally ;)

    For real.....good got my vote as allready mentioned above ;)

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  • Lol :) Disclaimer: I'm Dutch so complaining about things is my nature. It was a bit of a rough week for me, I have to adjust to this new pc, it does not yet feel as snappy as the old one. I got massive output lag somehow, but I think I solved the bulk of things by adding an alternative network card. I also lost my old user ID with this transfer, so with my new ID I'm a user and not a trial member on the server. I hope we can fix that someday. :P Below here is the rig in clown mode, I normally let these fans do a red or blue color scheme, this is a bit much.