it is not really a suggestion

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    • it is not really a suggestion

      Well i shall take this chance to congratulate everybody for making it to a new year, may it be prosperous for all of us inshaalah.
      So I really want to get away from my PC gamer and use my father's to focus more on my studies, because if I lay my hand on my PC i'll play and if i play you won't have a future doctor anymore in your community;
      So, i open the forum with my dad's which he usually uses to visit some mathematics sites, the PC was okay with the snowflakes falling gracefully and beautifully on the screen, but when the fireworks are added, it totally bugs out had to close it with the task manager next time i logged, it was a blue screen of death. this is such an irrelevant story but, bottom line: love you all, hope you all a very happy new year.
      "Life without music is just an error, an exhaustion, an exile."
      -Friedrich Nietzsche.