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    Hi, my name is Sefa ,ingame name is S3nsatioN, I'm 20 and a aerospace engineering student in Turkey.I'm playing cod4 since the year it reselased.When I started cod4 I was exactly a kid but the playing environment was so so sincere, pure and filled-up with brotherhood.Now as a player that played cod4 for thousands of hours, been member of many clans ,some of them was found by me, in xfire,I can say the thruth is I can not find the old environment of enjoying in cod anymore.I have been looking for it for a long time but when I entered the gb clan server first time, I realised that this server might be the one I had been trying to find.Nowadays, I'm playing for just fun not like the past when I was taking it seriously.As I said before the thing is circle of the friends, most of us already know every possibility ,we already memorized all blind spots when the enemy may appear where he might be etc.I saw the server many times on the server list, I liked it then wanted to become a member.May I ? :)

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  • Hello @llegion1997,

    thank you for the application.
    I looked into your profile, 13 connections is not much.
    But no problem, be active and follow our rules.

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