newb's glorious member application

  • newb's glorious member application

    • Ingame-Name (same as the topic headline): Newb
    • Your forename: first name? Tobias
    • Your age: 18
    • Specifics about your person: Personality? weird, straightforward, some find me funny and i like to thing iam a nice guy overall
    • Specifics about your residence: residence? normal house with a roof? (i life in the netherlands)
    • Why do you want to join our clan? played on the FFA server a couple times now and i liked it i guess
    • Which game experience do you have? ive played this game for a while now, considering breaks id say at the moment iam rust, furthermore (if intrested) ive got over a years worth of experience in "administration" from other communities/clans focussed around cod4.
    • How did you find us?: i just found the server in the list and it kinda stuck with me
    • Did you read our ruleset ? no i have not. but i like to think that i dont need to considering iam not an asshole that joins a server just to be a dick :phat: (in addition i now read over the rules just in case but i tought id leave it in for the heck of it)
  • Yo Newb.

    Thanks for the application.

    I checked you in our database. 9 connections are not so many. Be more activ on our servers and webpage.
    For admins:

    About the ruleset. There aren't only rules about behaviour. There are also rules such as glitching, fov, fps, etc.
    So it would be good for you if you know them. ;)