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  • admiboss -

    its just a game not google artificial intelligent ,

    • SHADOW_ -

      I don't care man. Ban stays. And if you will use hacks on your other PC we will ban it too. That's not a problem at all for us.

  • amar -

    SHADOW__ My thread was good why reject me?

    • SHADOW_ -

      You created two applications and both were the same. Thats why i deleted one ;)

  • Dum-Dum -

    Hi Shadow hope all is well . I have a new pc and cant play with or without the tag all i get is clan tag notice :( Vaid had a go at sorting it but still no change .
    many thanks in advance..

  • AndyTNT -

    any chance on getting a PM with Echelon Password please Shadow?

  • SHADOW_ -


  • Karlo -

    Congratulations on your new forum