I'm temp banned for what exactly???!!!

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  • I'm temp banned for what exactly???!!!


    I would like an explanation. I've been playing on this server for quite some time now and I enjoy it. And now I get this random temp ban for what? I'm not cheating nor using anything that could be considered as such. I'm happy to prove that. Can someone explain me this and appeal this ban?

    In game name is Cyam #TMT
  • You dont have to modify your .exe to get the FOV which is fucked up . I Was playing on a ffa server on stream which had the fov option , ofc i used it . later on GB i still had it (without modifying anything on my exe) . i find banning people for fov is a bad idea , need to re-think the punishment or maybe help them get rid of it , as of yet , i still have not found a solution for this myself and still have higher fov in gb servers . i think the solution would be going back to the server i changed it , but now its really hard to find it and i forgot the name
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  • Hi HiddenWave,

    look into you're config and try to change the value for the Scale.

    I also played on Server where you can change you're FoV.

    After joining a GB Server. It was normal again.


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  • LOL, you guys are so fucking funny. I didn't change ANYTHING, I don't give a fuck about FOV-s and configs I just enjoy the game. I didn't even know it was changed and trust me I don't even know how to change it. I noticed FoV was bigger on your server and I thought it was a nice thing hence I continued playing on it. If I knew it was disallowed I would never even join your servers.

    You guys are fucking funny trying to run a server with your own ridiculous rules and banning me for doing absolutely nothing. I would say nothing if I intentionally increased my FoV, but I did absolutely nothing. At this point I don't even fucking care about you unbanning me, as a matter of fact you'll probably perm ban me and that's okay too. Just change your fucking rules or at least mention it somewhere where we can see it.
  • Liiz- wrote:

    Thanks Mieze.

    Cyam you have been banned for FoV.
    Please only use the Normal FoV settings and dont bypass our restriction by modifying the .exe

    What the hell lol, I didn't even touch the .exe

    It's original game I bought it from steam and from the moment I purchased the game I never even touched the game files or configs. Once again you guys are ridiculous
  • SHADOW_ wrote:

    Cyam wrote:

    Just change your fucking rules or at least mention it somewhere where we can see it.
    Ohh our rules are fucked? And you can't find our ruleset? Open your eyes!!!!!!! :cursing: :cursing: Rules.PNG

    And if you don't like our rules, Go play somewhere else or play with playmobil.


    I know you don't care about one player on your server, but god damn am I supposed to read entire clan's site before entering the server? I never encountered a FoV rule before, never had problem with it. It's also funny because as I said I didn't even touch the config so this is really shitty from you all. Nice admins, 10/10 lol
  • Cyam wrote:

    I didn't even touch the config
    But some servers are overwriting your config.
    So it's not shitty from us.

    It's your problem not ours. You can compare it with an agreement for example. Every agreement has their general terms and condition.
    So to sign it you must read it before and if you don't its your own fault.

  • Just wait the Rest of time. It is that easy

    And do not complain about US Admins.
    Our ruleset is correct and the supreme here.
    So as Shadow allready mentioned,
    read the rules before you join a community.


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  • So, you come here pleading for unban, when we tell you what's wrong, instead of looking for a fix you insult valuable members of this forum and then you apply for a member.

    Let me give you an advice, members are meant to be our friends, and you won't make any here with that kind of attitude.
    You obviously think too highly of yourself, what kind of person immediately after registering puts a shirtless picture of himself in a gaming forum. We are very uninterested in your chest hair.

    Learn some humility, change your damn FoV, wait for the unban and then you might be in our favour for a member if you act friendly enough.