donation rewards

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    • donation rewards

      This just have crossed my mind, and i would really appreciate it if the administration would give it a thought.
      i know, making the rewards appealing would boost the donation rate, but come on, it comes with a great price for the other players;
      first of all, if i had any access to a credit card i would have donated not for the rewards, but for the sake of the clan.
      second, the reward is too rewarding, making him a faster juggernaut with more mags and grenades, it is like a "legetimate" cheater, a very "EA" thing to do, why -instead- give the donator a cosmetic pack; weapon and character skins, making him feel special, a "VIP", but not on the expence of other fair play gamers who didn't donate.
      please correct me if i am wrong or misjudged someone or something, i was expressing my mind, and i hope that the administration would consider my opinion.
      thank you.
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    • I don't like the change in the game dynamics either. After a while many actions are automatic when playing. If now some players have different conditions to everybody else, that kind of ruins it.
      I would prefer cosmetic awards like different skins as well when you really want that donation reward system.

      You know it better than I do if the donation system works that well, when there is not even a donation button on the website etc. because of that.
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