A well spaced spam

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    • A well spaced spam

      108741905.04.2018 (13:54:54)273026worf1986i hate you cheating campers

      108742005.04.2018 (13:54:59)273026worf1986server low

      108742705.04.2018 (14:09:08)273026worf1986low

      108742705.04.2018 (14:09:08)273026worf1986low

      108742805.04.2018 (14:09:18)273026worf1986i hate cheats

      108742905.04.2018 (14:09:23)273026worf1986you wh

      108743005.04.2018 (14:09:27)273026worf1986low

      108743205.04.2018 (14:11:01)273026worf1986i hate yu cheats

      108743305.04.2018 (14:12:59)273026worf1986server

      108743405.04.2018 (14:15:27)273026worf1986cheating coursed cowards

      108743505.04.2018 (14:15:40)417418|GB| Capital_Fwho ?

      **does no answer**
      108744005.04.2018 (14:18:39)273026worf1986off cheat

      108744105.04.2018 (14:18:44)273026worf1986be a man

      108747405.04.2018 (15:34:53)273026worf1986server

      108747505.04.2018 (15:35:24)273026worf1986server low

      108749205.04.2018 (15:56:19)273026worf1986low cheaters

      108749605.04.2018 (16:09:32)273026worf1986low cowards

      108750305.04.2018 (16:18:41)273026worf1986no gg for cheats

      108750405.04.2018 (16:20:32)273026worf1986mamu vam jebebm citersku!

      108750505.04.2018 (16:23:18)273026worf1986lowest server i have ever playwd on

      108750605.04.2018 (16:28:06)273026worf1986klow camping cheats

      108751205.04.2018 (16:29:15)273026worf1986I HATEYOU CHEATS

      108751305.04.2018 (16:29:21)273026worf1986LOW PEOPLE

      108751405.04.2018 (16:29:24)462849HoangNamwho cheat

      **does not answer**

      108751805.04.2018 (16:37:35)273026worf1986COURSED CHEATING COWARDS

      108751905.04.2018 (16:37:56)273026worf1986I HATE SERVER ADMINS AND FOUNDER OF THIS CHEATING SERVER!

      108752005.04.2018 (16:39:01)273026worf1986LOW CHEATР

      108752205.04.2018 (16:39:04)273026worf1986HECTOR

      108752405.04.2018 (16:41:44)273026worf1986SERVER YOU DONT RESPECT YOUR OWN RULES!

      108752505.04.2018 (16:41:50)273026worf1986low

      108752605.04.2018 (16:44:55)273026worf1986low cheaters

      108752705.04.2018 (16:46:11)423387|GB| LVXwho hacker

      **does not answer**

      soo the question is, is a mute command ever to be possible ?

      "Life without music is just an error, an exhaustion, an exile."
      -Friedrich Nietzsche.
    • i believe B3 has a mute command wich automaticly gives a warning when the mute command is activated on the user and he sends a message in chat,

      goes like this

      !mute (username) on/off

      i dont know how b3 commands are implemented or anything like that but when i used it it worked like a charm. might be a nice command for dealing with these kinds of poeple.