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  • Member Application

    MY IN GAME NAME IS ANAY. LEVEL 33. My real name is also Anay. I am 17.I am a bit of crazy teen passionate about playing and devloping games. I live in INdia in UttarPradesh. I want to join your clan to be a part of the server I played on 16 times I think.I am lvl 33. I found you while playing CoD 4. Yes,I do and I agree.

    The post was edited 1 time, last by Anay ().

  • Hi Anay.

    We checked your activity on our servers. It`s stable (about 80 connections). And you don`t have any penalties. That`s good.
    But you didn`t showed up again since your application.

    About your application it`s to short for me. Guide for an application: Here

    But since you are not checking the forum( if you are accepted or not) we decided to decline your application.