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    Im Matty, played some games on the server, I just wanna logged in and instantly after my class choosen i've got banned for "Custom player skin".
    Im using skin, yes for M40A3 and Team but it's just to get better visual effect, I got flowers too to replace grass... I don't why i've been banned yet and not before or without warn :ninja:

    I can remove if it cause problem for some, but I like the visual effects as I said... That doesnt "help me" or w/e :thumbsup:

    Player : Matty
    ID-Ban : 157331

    It's a 2 day ban so if it's not a mistake by a bot or something, i'll just wait and remove them, but it's weird i've just reached 100 connections on the server, and bim weirdo ban ! :doofy:

    Well ! Thanks for reading me ! See you in game :beer:
  • Hi Matty.

    As already mentioned you used a custom player skin for the Marines-Team.
    The skins of the Opfor-Team are default.

    To answer you question why you not have been banned yet. The reason was that we always found screenshots of you were you played in the Marines Team.
    Today we found a screenshot were you played in the Opfor Team (default skins). That`s why you got busted today ( See picture attached).

    Maybe you used it for "better visual effect" like you called it, but it gives you an advantage against the other players. Default color skin of Marines is like desert sand.
    So they are pretty hard to see. About the flowers. They are ok. You can still use them. ;)

    Ez solution. Remove the skins of the Marines Team and everything should be fine. ;)

  • Ok, I'll delete them an wait for by ban to end, legit so, if you think that give me advantage...

    I use the same skin for Opfor so I'll delete it too !

    Thanks to tell it to me, I'm not taking this ban offensive, I'm fine.

    See you arrond ! :)

    Also changed the reticle for Acog, may I remove it too ?
  • Hello,
    The acog is not like, an advantage. So we are cool with that.
    So First of all we thank you for your cooperation.
    So you removed the skins.
    After your ban expires everything should be Okey.

    Your ban will expire on: Thu, 26/04/18 (14:04) (CET)



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