I would like to be an Admin for GB.

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  • I would like to be an Admin for GB.

    Hi my name Zerjah, And I would like to apply for an adminship. I recently played like 3 games and did !calladmin, and to my surprise no admins came. I can record game play of cheaters, and I'm a very easy going person. I use to Co-Own a server with my friend. So I do have experience. Also I play on the server a lot.
  • Hello,

    We really appreciate that people wanna help us to secure our servers.
    But that means aktivity.
    Be online, active and follow the rules you have to enforce.

    Your application is a bit short.
    If you want, you can improve it a bit more.
    If not that's Okey too but a good application helps a lot.

    I cannot find you in our database with the name Zerjah.
    Did you change your name?
    Please post your in-game name.

    Your application will be discussed at the next meeting.


    (Admins only)

    Watch your language.......you won't be an admin with that attitude


    You have questions?
    Private Support HERE

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