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    personal information

    my name is: angel my name in the game is relapmk some know me where more game is gb # 2

    Specifics about your residence: honduras, central america

    Your age; 20 years

    occupation:PC repair

    Specifics about your person: my virtues :) I consider myself a happy person that I like to achieve my goals. I love games because they take them away from the stress of everyday life.
    I am sincere and I do not like lies when I think something I say. I try to be as fair as possible

    my faults :( Sometimes I want others to think like me, I talk a lot this may not like some people , I do not know much English but I will improve my English

    Why do you want to join our clan?:I think a very professional clan with people who make good decisions to improve the gaming experience I have the pleasure of meeting several members of the clan who are the people who want the best for all who want the games and I want the same

    How did you find us?; I was looking for the best server to play and I found them there

    Which game experience do you have?: I have more than 600 hours played cod 4 Here is a list of games I have played

    gta san andreas :) Completed
    gta liberty city :P Completed
    gta vice city :) Completed
    resident evil 3 , 5, 6
    resident evil 4 <3 ;( +600 hours palyer
    half life 1, 2 <3 ;( Completed
    far cry 2 , 3 Completed
    cod black ops 1 <3

    Did you read our ruleset ?:If I read them and understand them, although I must say that the most difficult thing to assimilate was the language, but in the forum they explained to me why and now I understand

    Thanks for your time