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We changed our server Systems.<br /> <br /> If you encounter any error, please send a Message to Speedy and/or DoMaxiHa.

  • Freaky -

    Replied to the thread Hei there all...

    Thank you for your interest Stoned! If you follow the application guidelines here, the higher ups will discuss your application in their next meeting :)
  • Stoned299 -

    Posted the thread Hei there all...

    Im Stoned :D im plyin on this servers since 2017 so i wanna be a member of my favorit clan--some people know me, some will know me :D :lol:
  • DoMaxiHa -

    Replied to the thread XLRStats?.

    Hello theo, we do have xlrstats. But our Systems start tracking your stats when you reached the 100 connection mark. Under that, you won't see stats.
  • theo -

    Posted the thread XLRStats?.

    hey all. i recently started playing in your TDM HC server (with the same nick) and I wonder if you are registering any stats? !xlrstats brings nothing for me.
  • OzZ -

    Replied to a comment by Speedy on OzZ’s wall.

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    danke gleichfalls <3
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