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We changed our server Systems.<br /> <br /> If you encounter any error, please send a Message to Speedy and/or DoMaxiHa.

  • Quote from Speedy: “They are stored in your cod4 profile locally on your computer. ” This explains everything. I don't remember exactly if when I changed power supply my GB#8 stats were cleared (my GUID was changed, I saw this on echelon) but at least I know why now my GB#8 gone. I formatted and reinstalled windows and reinstalled COD, so yes, my local profile directory was deleted during formatting HD. Thanks for explaining this to me

  • This whole GUID system is weird. After changing power supply I got new GUID (all stats cleared of course) but now after upgrading mobo, ram and graphic card I still have the same GUID but my gungame stats were cleared. Completly don't understand this system Quote from Red devil: “try your old CD-KEY might work ” Nah, I'm using the same cd-key all the time.

  • Hello, I just wanted to ask if there is any way to restore GB#8 wins stats after PC upgrade? It's my third account on GB - few months back I changed my power supply in PC, now I upgraded it and every time my stats on GB#8 are cleared It's not like I'm sooo shallow and this wins stats on gungame makes my (pardon my french) dick bigger, but it's nice to watch how this number grow every day. Now I see "3" wins. It's depressing. So, is there any way to restore/merge my previous account?

  • Thanks! So I was just this lucky/unlucky guy who had 10 headshots in a row... Thanks for quick action!

  • Hello, I was playing with friends on GB#11 SNIPER FUN, and after 6 or 7 headshots in a row I was banned by "auto aimbot detection". I can't explain how ridiculous this is. Unban me please...

  • x_dzulejby_x

    babcia_juzia - - Admin Application


    Hello, First of all try to be more carefull when you write something (punctuation and such), it will be easier to read. Second of all, I can't say anything (good or bad) about you because I saw you only few times on BO2 for now. I see I gave you some warning for inappropriate language (clientdetails.php?id=342597) and you got few from system also, all in one month. You must calm down

  • Congrats little brother

  • Hi all, This is not reporting anything (yet) but more question - if this is cheating Dropbox - sp00n2.dm_1 One player has enormous knife skill, it was almost impossible to kill him with knife (there was only few players on the server so we were playing knife only). No one was seeing his hand or knife when he kills (watch demo). I can't tell if he uses some script, cheats or this is a glitch and he is just the best knife operator in the whole call of duty world. I have second demo from other matc…

  • That's great, thank you. I'm speechless

  • Quote from Sophos: “Kot is a legit player ” If so, then shame on me (but yestarday I was watching him closely - me and some other players - and I'm so sure he had some kind of auto-aim-wall-hack-magic). Nevertheless, once again sorry for premature accusation and thanks for your support.

  • Quote from Liiz-: “There is a command called "!calladmin" the way, in my opinion, accusing others has no place in an application. ” We did use "!calladmin" (there was at least 3 requests in 20 minutes), but that's not the point. Forgive me if mentioning this player was some kind of faux pas, I just wanted to point out, that for now there is only one (active) moderator on GB#8 (Sophos) and I think he could use some help. I really like GB servers, the atmosphere here and people and that…

  • I'm not ready to be part of GB yet. That's way I'm thinking about external moderator only.

  • Hello everyone, Ingame name: babcia_juzia forename: Tomek Age: 30 About me: Workoholic web developer from Poland, love wood working, reading books, running and of course games. I'm playing COD4 since the beginning so... yeap almost a decade. I think many of you who's playing on GB#8 should remember me (and my brother - "babcia frania" his ingame name is). Residence: I'm from Poland. Don't know what to say more. We got gorgeous girls and polluted air. Why I want to be moderator: To be sure I was …

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