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  • Do you play it with keyboard?

  • ali svedekcampere

    SledgeHammer - - Player/Cheater Report


    He is back and keeps spamming again, even after multiple warnings and getting kicked twice. I don't know what to do with him, he doesn't seem to get it.

  • Oh nevermind, you did it correctly by posting it here then

  • Uploading a Screenshot to Echelon So you've taken a suspect's screenshot and it turns out they're wallhacking. Right-click that screenshot and either click "Copy image address" or "Open image in new tab" and copy the image URL. Navigate back to Echelon and select the drop-down menu "Other" then select "Upload Screens". Paste your image URL in there and click "upload to server". You can read it here:

  • You can also just upload the picture in echelon itself, which is even more easy

  • MUME

    SledgeHammer - - Player/Cheater Report


    I also find him very suspicious and recorded a demo of him recently. Even though he looks clean on screenshots, he does seem to always know where everyone is as you can see in this demo. I think he might have something like always UAV, that we can't see on ss. Besides that, he always makes the server empty within 1 or 2 games because no one wants to play with him. It's a real pain in the ass for the other players on the server and I also think something should be done. You can find the demo i'm …

  • Your Opinion Matters!

    SledgeHammer - - Suggestions


    Can one server switch to a Deathrun server? Or am I the only one who likes this mod :\

  • Thank you! I'll see you on the servers.

  • Wait what? An application is required to become a member? And after that you have to apply 2 more times to become an admin? Oh I thought mod is considered the same as admin and it was possible to go straight to mod.

  • Ingame-Name (same as the topic headline): bart Your forename: bart Your age: 24 Specifics about your person: I'm from the Netherlands and speak English, Dutch, German and French. I used to play cod4 a lot and I have been an admin for years at different clans/communities. However, every community will stop someday and when the last big community I was a port of stopped, I stopped playing this game. I recently started to play this game again, and I like your hardcore ffa server a lot. I'm currentl…

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