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  • Guide for Applicants


    in the following lines you'll figure out which information you ought to incorporate into your application.
    Required Fields:

    • Ingame-Name (same as the topic headline)
    • Your forename
    • Your age
    • Specifics about your person
    • Specifics about your residence
    • Why do you want to join our clan?
    • Which game experience do you have?
    • How did you find us?
    • Did you read our ruleset ?

    Fluent text guys!!!

    As a rule only those applicants will be be admitted, who reached the minimum age 16! Please keep in mind: Exceptions prove the rule.

    If possible, you should already be known to some of our members. (Whether through Xfire, TS³, game, or our forum.)
    This will give you some pros to your application.

    However, first of all you need to register on our page: -REGISTER--
    If you want to write your application, create a new topic -----HERE-----
    Please be sure to fill out the information in your profile.

    Applications for Member/Moderator and Member/Admin will be only goes through the join request
    For this you have to open your user menu by clicking on your user name. then click the link usergroups and then apply correspondingly to the group you want to.

    Please apply for the user group "Trialmember" in the forums. For this you have to open your user menu by clicking on your user name. then click the link usergroups and then apply for the group "Trialmember"
    Here are two example pictures:


    After you've sent your application, it will be discussed by the management. Towards any inquiry you'll be notified about the decision with an explanation in this portal.
    In the case of an positive answer, you'll taken on to the trial phase (trial period).
    This trial phase conduces to become acquainted with your person but eminently to prove yourself in our clan.
    We appreciate about activity at this portal, our games-server and certainly Teamspeak!
    -When the time comes up and you got promoted to GB-Member and you want to become a GB-Member/Moderator after a while, all you have to do is write an application for the Member/Moderator group HERE only and nothing more.

    Good luck with your application!

    Your GB-Clan.

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