Obvious WH #GB4

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    • Obvious WH #GB4

      So i told affram to take couple screenshots which were clean , told him to record the guy but he kept insisting that he's clean , in this demo you'll see the obvious wallhacker

      u can see the name in demo n date is what...23.12.16 i believe

      Edit : Didn't let me upload attachments for some weird reason , here's link sendspace.com/file/yow5h3
      I'm ruthless , rude , straight forward . But im fair and loyal .
    • The first guy? Didn't hear ANY steps and yet he prefired like hell, same goes for the second/third inside his spawn, didn't hear a single step and he still knew they were right next to him.
      He and his mates always have stuff like that going on, but screens are always clean, weirdly enough he/they sometimes are more than just bad.
      Doesn't really add up for me, i know some people have their "good days", but THAT skilljump from one game to another is just unlikely to happen.
      Gonna need more opinions on this, but i don't think they're clean either.
    • thanks kevin , he killed me throught wall couple times so i asked affram to take ss , yet nothing was there . I got killed by him couple more times "weirdly" and asked affram to record which he didnt , so i took matters to my own hand and the reason i didnt record longer is because of that prefire on muri (sdf ing name i believe) and he told me he was crouching the whole time w his teammate and later in his spawn the thru wall kill without hearin a thing was everything i needed
      I'm ruthless , rude , straight forward . But im fair and loyal .