GB Deathrun tutorial and functions.

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    • GB Deathrun tutorial and functions.

      Hello fellow player,
      now that our new Deathrun-Server has been released, i want to inform you about the functions and extras the server has for you!

      Main menu

      The main menu give you the opportunity to see your stats, enter settings, customize your char....and more.

      The customization menu

      Here you can customize your character by simply selecting one of the following menus


      [Blocked Image:]

      Through this menu you can change your main weapon.
      New weapons will be unlocked by reaching the requiered? level.
      (You can see them In-Game)


      [Blocked Image:]

      Through this menu you can select wich character you want to play with.
      Also, new charatcers will be unlocked by reaching the requiered level.
      (You can see them In-Game)


      [Blocked Image:]

      In this sub-menu you can select wich Ability you want to use.
      This ranges from steady aim to juggernaut.
      Can be unlocked by entering prestige!


      [Blocked Image:]

      Sprays can be applied on the ground by pressing [G] or your personal Grenade bind.
      Also sprays are being unlocked by level.


      [Blocked Image:]
      On certain points on the map (usually the start zone) players can use the slomachine.

      How it works: Search for a white field.
      Go in it and press [F] or your personal Use bind!
      A menu will pop up.
      Press USE to activate the machine.
      On certain combinations of pics you will get nice rewards. ( Credits, XP.....etc )

      [Each try will cost 5 credits....wich you will earn by just playing on our server]

      Roll the Dice

      [Blocked Image:]

      On each round start, players can "Roll the dice" by pressing [N] or their personal nightvision bind.

      After 1-2 seconds you will get a nice random gift ( weapons or abilitys ).

      [Only 1 time per round]

      Strafe Jumps

      On some maps you have to use the so called "Strafe Jump" a jump wich allowes you to jump higher or with much more distance.

      To learn how to strafe jump, just watch some videos on YouTube.

      FPS Switch

      FPS switch is a usefull method to enhance your performance and jumping.

      There usually 3 mainstream FPS sets.

      125: Makes you jump with more distance.

      250: Is a mix of height and distance.

      333: This will allow you to jump higher. But reduces the distance.

      FPS SWITCH BIND: /bind [KEY] com_maxFPS "125 250 333"

      Hope it helped you.

      Kind regards


      GB-Management | Leader | Server Engineer

      Need Support? >> Contact me

      GB-Discord >> German Bash Discord

      Want to write me an Email about clan-wars, informations etc. ? >>

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    • Very nice. Can also just bind the different fps to buttons. I usually like binding 2. One to go from 125, 250, 333

      The other reverse so 333, 250, 125. Mouse wheel is nice for this.

      For those who are new. Just practice. Can be tough at first. But as you play, gets easier.
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