NEWS 12.10.2017

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  • NEWS 12.10.2017

    YoYoYoYo!! Listen up guys!!
    The management is back in the house from the holidays and we got some NEWS again for you :

    1. New Members

    Unfortunately we don't have new members. ;(
    But we still accepting new members.
    So feel free to write an application right here. :D

    2. New Admins/Moderators

    Mieze got promoted to "Member/Admin". Congrats and we are looking forward to work with you. ^^

    3. Promotions

    Merdan leave his trialphase behind successfully. From today you can use the |GB|-Tag.
    Good job and welcome to the GB-Family!

    4. Degradation

    First of all |GB| Vaidilas give up his position as a Headadmin but he will stay as a Member/Admin. The reasons you can find here.

    Then as a result of inactivity (forum & ingame) we degraded the following members:

    AndyTNT, Assassin, Bluewolf, psygnar, eamz., lol4, JackTheRipper, Snowywhite, hic, NotDiviNe, Sinured, Sidhu.

    They are no longer members of German Bash.

    Cya guys and good luck in the future. Bye ;( .

    5. Server modifications

    We decided to open a Kill the King Server (GB#13) again.
    Everybody is welcome to join. Test it out and feel free to report any bugs.

    GB#13 Ip:

    6. Ruleset

    We updated the ruleset. Check it out here!!!
    We changed the penalty for FoV & FPS and the description of advertising.

    8. Teamspeak *updated*

    We updated our Teamspeak Server. The server ip is still the same.

    Update includes:
    • New Icons for clients (Game, Members etc.)
    • VIP's can now create temp channels with password
    • Client rights are changed
    • New game channelsProper running of the server

    9. Others

    The management started a new thread here where you can write you're favorite game that should be hosted by us next.
    So c'mon guys help us and problably your favorite game will get a server ;) .

    Bugs on the servers will be fixed as soon as possible but our technic magician Momo has to study for his bachelor exams.
    Be patient and fingers crossed that he will pass his exams successfully.

    [Blocked Image:]

    Have a good evening

    The management

    Peace out. *Mic drop*

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  • Vaidilas wrote:

    SHADOW_ wrote:

    First of all |GB| Vaidilas give up his position as an Headadmin but he will stay as a Member/Admin. The reasons you can find here.
    What's about the application process for the next Headadmin?

    The h is right but the n is wrong. So nice try ;) :D . See here.

    About the application process for headadmin. We will annouce it in a few weeks how to apply for it.


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  • Those are some good news! :)

    I can't just not use this much read thread for some advertisement. :D

    I'd love to get some more twitch streamer names of people who are GB members.
    As GB is a multigaming clan, it does not matter what game you play. As long as you still play a game that is.
    The Streams will be shown on the Dashboard site and you will see when somebody is streaming in the sidebar. Your publicity as a streamer is sure to increase and it would just be really awesome for everyone to watch GB members play and have some fun. :thumbsup:

    Feel free to comment or drop me a PM. ^^
  • I guess i will do some streaming of CoD4 too.


    GB-Management | Administrator | Server Engineer

    Need Support? >> Contact me

    GB-Discord >> German Bash Discord

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  • Liiz- wrote:

    You where one of the guys who wrote a signoff.
    Yeah, but my vacation turned really long all of sudden. I'm in a complicated situation now, where I moved across the country and couldn't take my PC with me. I brought my laptop but I doubt it can even run cod. Maybe I should try it, just to be sure.
  • omg speedy on an english-trip ;)
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