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    • Hi all,

      i'm not very good player but i played alot zombie mod on GB#7 and on SOG, can we change settings in GB#7 like remove boss from wave 7 and 13 and add new maps?

      also can we change waves like 1 simple zombies(default)

      waves 2,4,6,8,10 and 12 is Grouped zombies

      waves 3,5,7,9,11 and 13 random like Dogs,inferno,crawler and speacial infected zombies.

      1 more thing please fix a bug it's a connection interrupted and then server change the map or restart it again :cursing:

      Hope the members can understand my noob english :) Ive bro i need your help here
      weak people revenge,strong people forgive,intelligent people ignore...
    • hm....
      your english is just good bro, and yes with changing gb7 it could maybe become more popular :huh:
      i don't know anything about server files, i just can copy some text from "other" forum...

      this is marking for zombie waves:
      0 = Normal
      1 = Dogs
      2 = Burning
      3 = Crawlers
      4 = Hell
      5 = Scary
      6 = Boss
      7 = grouped Normal
      ? = random special wave
      20 = Increase Shop Costs and Zombie Damage

      i don't know which wave is that "all together type of zombies"

      maybe speedy (or momo) - i don't know who "deals" with zombie server can make something like this in zombie files that makes a setup of waves:

      set surv_waves "0;3;2;7;4;5;2;7;20;4;7;7;4;7;final wave (idk how is this last 14th wave is writted in server files)"

      this stands for "1th wave;2nd wave;...after 8th wave goes increase of cost and zombies are more powerfull,...than all to the 13th wave which is last and than on 14th wave goes final wave (all waves without boss who is booooring)

      i think that something like this is good, so maybe "brains" can try enter this setup ?(

      about maps, i can "wonder" around and take a look where to download them and bring them on server
      but i need list of current maps on server (so i wouldn't post "double" maps)

      edit: that "other" server has very nice setup,...hard and not long lasting maps

      i don't know is this helpfull so....
    • hmmmmm....
      few suggestions:
      4th wave should be like 6th
      6th wave should be scary zombies=night zombies (No.5)
      7th wave is still the boss? - remove it (put wave like it is 6th now) - (why remove boss wave...if one/two players ingame almost imposible to pass)
      ....other waves when i see them ;) - i died on boss wave ;)
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