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    • DoMaxiHa wrote:

      Bukkit best :D would definitely help.
      Yeah! Would normally go for that as well, but the whole project was discontinued thanks to one dev claiming his written code back / some licensing problems.

      Seems that Spigot (branched off of bukkit) started maintaining Bukkit and CraftBukkit since the DMCA takedown.
      Apparently you can use next to all bukkit plugins with spigot as well.
      Meaning using spigot would be the best option imo (sponge is awesome, but has not matured enough just yet).

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      About Spigot wrote:

      When the project ceased operation in Q3 2014, the SpigotMC
      team took over providing continued support and updates to this important
      software with a rich legacy. CraftBukkit is a modified version of the
      Vanilla Minecraft Server which allows it to run Bukkit plugins. The main
      goal of this project is to produce a server as close to Vanilla as
      possible, barring the addition of plugin support. That being said
      CraftBukkit still retains some useful configurability and optimizations
      such as asynchronous chunk loading, and also fixes for some critical
      Vanilla bugs or exploits. All installs of Spigot via BuildTools
      will also generate a CraftBukkit jar file in case you wish to use this
      over Spigot (although we hope you will find no reason to).

      In addition to CraftBukkit, we also now maintain Bukkit which is the API
      that developers can use to make server plugins. Over the years we have
      added many new features and changes to support newer Minecraft versions,
      but much of the older Bukkit documentation such as the Plugin Tutorial
      is still extremely relevant for developers just getting started. More
      information about using the API can also be found under the Spigot wiki section.

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    • Is it possible to implement certain things into this server, if the community agree on its addition?
      if so, I think the server would benefit from a few things

      • SMP - Survival Multi-Player
      • MCMMO - It's too good not to put in
      • Dungeons/Raids - Could be good for the community to raid together
      • Money and shops so players can sell their items
      • Player Owned Lots - Players can create their own shops/builds that are their own
      • Custom Enchants - Who doesn't love OP custom enchants?

      These are just a few that could make the MC server great!
      Share your thoughts :D

    • The server Allready has:

      Survival Maps
      Plot world
      Farm world.

      Several plug-ins:
      For ex.
      Essentials(economy and more)
      A cool permission system


      Many of your ideas are already implemented.
      I will take a look, If I can bring in your other proposals


      You have questions?
      Private Support HERE

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