NORD / 12 tips from me.

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  • NORD / 12 tips from me.

    Here I want to leave 12 tips derived from personal experience. + my cfg.

    These simple and seemingly obvious things make the enemy think about your dishonest game, and you, in turn, will be taught to play at the proper level:

    1. Play the sound - the player can be heard and for three walls and for 25 game meters.
    2. Look at the radar, minimap - mainly thanks to radar players earn themselves the status of "cheater"
    3. Watch your mates - where they kill their own or they are not in one place or another on the map - then there can be an enemy.
    4. Try hard not to climb and control the situation, but also to sit somewhere far too is not necessary
    5. Almost all the walls are shot through - it's only necessary to see the enemy in advance or to hear it or see it on the radar - shoot through, and just in case, too, it is worth shooting through because in this game there is always a luck factor. Also on the maps there are popular wallbangs - it is worthwhile to learn them by watching other players.
    6. Level does not mean anything, but be proved up to 32nd and then such a set:
    Stopping power.
    Deep Impact.
    7. Damage on the server is such that the players and do not suspect that you can shoot through several walls.
    8. Be sure to type the following commands in the console (either the letter Ё or `):
    / com_maxfps 250
    / cg_fov 80
    9. Try to get a combo at least up to 10 frags.
    10. Take into account the habits of rivals, if you already know them, then you will roughly understand who is sitting.
    11. Play smart, conduct some analysis of the game during the battle.
    12. Do not write in the game: "WTF, HACKER?" - pretending that in the game you already know everything, you better ask to show and teach.
    • NORD.rar

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  • hey, you seem to have been personally offended by the matter, bombarding the forum with posts about it, and i am going to make some points here;
    • you are really playing a defendant's role here by bringing all of those screens and explanations and i have only brought up the matter again due to so many camplaints, asking for a restudy to make the issue clear.
    • We have some talented and much more experienced players in our community who hasn't brought as many "f**king hacker" statements as you have done.
    • Your play style mainly consists of wallbangs basically spraying and praying (which is in my opinion not a very "experienced" thing to do) and that will bring a heads up especially when repeated so reopening the matter is fair.
    Hope you understand, and let things takes its course we'll be more than happy to have you when cleared !
    Many thanks !
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