what do you think about the cod black ops 4

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    • 1.Well, what I see in the multiplayer game is that something impressive has a new healing system, the feeling of seeing it is a game like black ops2.

      I hope that with this release we will resuscitate the saga of cod that is something that we all expect from secondary operations 2

      since of the exit of the cod black ops2 this saga died

      It's a pity that a multi-million dollar company has not been able to make a decent game since November 12, 2012

      nobody loads cod content on YouTube with luck now takes something good that reminds us of the golden age of cod

      as for the Blackout mode it's amazing

      the map is very large and will have legendary maps of all deliveries of cod

      In addition, you can use all kinds of things, such as tanks, planes and helicopters and other types of vehicles

      and you can also use all the characters in the history of cod, it's incredible.

      I hope this game can go down from the top to fornite.
      220 ping + 40 fps + noob = relapmk

    • Imagine how good it is to do things, that we continue playing a game that should be forgotten by the other cod but not

      well this is the point of view of someone from the old school who likes cod with his feet on the ground

      those who played cod from black operations 3 onwards see well

      Subsequent deliveries of cod after black operations 2

      while someone who juices cod from 1 onwards does not like the latest deliveries of cod to be

      black ops 3
      advanced war

      this is my view point :) :) :) :)
      220 ping + 40 fps + noob = relapmk

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    • Call Of duty is Deaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Personally i am enjoying cod 4 more than Black ops 3 ,I Have a console i used to play bo3 most of my time but then i just got bored of it and now i am really enjoying Cod 4 in my opinion COD has gotten a lot worse over time. when it all started with COD 4 the buzz I got playing it was amazing, the same with COD 5, and i think this was because of how simple the game was to set up and play, for example you used to choose a gun with 1 attachment, you then chose 3 perks, you had a lethal and tactical and a pistol. now when you play a COD you can choose 10+ perks you can choose what kill streaks you want. to me it just seems pointless, also back then there was no buffs on guns if one was op they left it, also you didn't have the people crying about a gun being op they just got on with it. I just think that COD is taken to seriously and it is causing them to loose a lot of their fan base (which is now being replaced with a bunch of squeaky children) and it wont be long until COD will just be a failed game.

      (But Still i am bit exicited for the Battle Royale Mode.)
    • Stopped buying them after the worst cod in history Advanced Warfare.
      Bought BO3 and played it a little then noped the hell away from it.

      Only ones I've played since are COD4 remastered (which was... lack-lustre to say the least; why no dedicated servers -_-) and WW2 which wasn't too bad.
      COD 4 is the only title worth playing anymore.