Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

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    • Digger_(video_game) < Still the best game. ;)

      (Also the first game I played, 3 years after the original release, on a 8086 Olivetti.)

      I played all the other (newer) COD's as well, but COD4 is still a lot of fun to do, so I will stick with it for a while. I find it interesting that I'm still gaming after my first game 32 years ago. I guess it will always be part of my life. Just started in Forza 4 as well, extremely addictive. (But I messed up my Nvidia drivers for it, so had to fix BSOD's.) Seems stable now.
    • For me, cod 4 is a very nice game, its colors, its maps, its weapons. :)

      I think the cod 4 is still the best cod because of its simplicity, because the balance of the weapons is perfect, the streak is very good, that is, they do not give an unfair advantage, it is perfect, their maps are very good Designed and easy to memorize. :)

      For me, it's a game that completely caught me. I'm something new, I've been playing cod 4 for less than 1 year. :)
      220 ping + 40 fps + noob = relapmk

    • For those who have played the following cod, I would like to know why the cod black ops 1 is not famous, like the cod 4e played only the zombie mode and it looks like a good game, but never the multiplayer.

      I would like you to give me an analysis of the failures or general analysis of the cod black ops1 in the multiplayer mode :)
      220 ping + 40 fps + noob = relapmk

    • 1 of the black ops main cons - The nuuumbers.

      Cod4's weapons are really unbalanced if u did'nt noticed.The damage of the weapons is not calculated by their expected characterstatistics rather it's calculated by the maps size and the units the textures it's covered.That's why in maps like overgrown players can still do 1hit kill snipe with pistols an Deagles in longer ranges which is unacceptable sometimes.And in maps where assault or snipers should be useless like shipment or killhouse still reigns cause of this weird mechanics.And some weapons that should have a weakness like damage reduction in certain situations haven't been implemented.No weapons damage is reduced in shorter range rather it is reduced by a small percentage by class after a certain distance.I saw some people use dragunov as shotguns for its faster fire rate and reload times.That's why players like prototype or =is=cryo can play comfortabily with their single preferred weapons in every maps rather than getting forced to adapt in new styles and situations and get's to get away with it
    • It's because gb servers players health pools are low the importance of damage factors does'nt really matter.1 or 2 right placed bullets from any weapons do the job.Armor penetration is only for enemies that hide behind covers.It does nothing against armored things like helis that have 550 or so armor values.
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