Remove the predator missile

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    • Remove the predator missile


      I think you should remove the predator missile.
      It's bugged meaning you can't steer it correctly and sometimes it kinda "lags" as in it jumps back to it's origin direction even though you steered it away.

      If you manage to get a kill with it you're lucky... :)
      "spot c getting shot by dejay before I even take the second step and relax cause he has some special kind of headset which helps him listen every single noise pinpointly"
    • relapmk wrote:

      What is the predator missile, :(

      I never reached the 10 streak in Gb # 2 one day I will fulfill that dream :)
      Man u play way better than me yet u did'nt got 10 kill streak;I can't believe that.I got 20 kill streak once in gb#2 and 27 on a3 cod ffa another similar server;Igot 10-15 kill streaks many times though.Predator is not the only dissapointment though u get orbital satallite in 12 or 14th kill.A useless thing considering when ur on a big streak.But the real thing starts when u get 15 or 17th kill[don't remember correctly] U GET SATALLITE Gunfire support that u get in mwr3 in german resistence missionand in bo's snow mission[maybe it is more frequent in later cod's don't know cause gave up on these series after bo2 felt they crossed way over the line]But the gun is amazing just imagine a server with 20+ players with constant spawn u get to massacare them for just 1 click for 2 minutes thats way too op.But sadly both of the time i was so spaced out and coud'nt fathom the bonus i only got 4-5 kills.There was also some other bonuses i did'nt remeber or forgot.
    • Now that u mention it maybe i remember 2 of this bonoses.I called for care package but did'nt show any signs of being summoned and another one was predator missiles that does't needs to be guided instead enemies are highlighted u just pour the hell on them 5-10 charges ;maybe it's the artllery u mentioned.
    • The way i see it the sreak bonuses should be like this:

      1.3rd kill -Predator it only net 1 or highest 2 if ur lucky anyways.

      2.5th kill - Orbital satallite.

      3.6th kill -Air strike.It should work well conjunctionally with orbital uav and both the bonus would not go to waste most of the time.

      4.8th kill- Hellcopter or strafe run.

      5.10th kill-Invisibility.

      Giving it a test run woud'nt be a bad thing.
    • The predator missile is so much more than just a "1 kill" streak
      It essentially makes you invincible from the moment you call it in, but you can't shoot back.
      In a gunfight you can't win?
      Call in your predator and go invisible, have 3-5 seconds to move while carrying the suitcase and get to safety

      Orbital satellite is definitely more than a 5 kill streak, it is in my opinion, the most vital streak you can get, yet not overpowered as it's only for 20 seconds

      Air strike and vsat combo isn't that good considering how long an Air strike takes to come into the map after calling it in
      The current VSAT -> Artillery is a much much more viable combo

      8 kill streak for a strafe run? There would legit be no spawning on the server

      Invisibility, dayum dude, this ain't Crysis ;)
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