2018.10.16 T-Rocket|James wallhack on |GB#2|

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  • hey mate thanks for putting this , was skeptical when i was playing with them , i spectated Jessie , this is too damn sure..skip to 0:12 a clear wallhack spotted and a lot more through the video
    "One of the best player on entire server, I always fear this guy" :D
  • The first wallbang at 00:12 that you mentioned does seem sketch but it could be seen that he's following the momentum of the player, it could seem fine.
    It's a really difficult video to judge though, on the one hand he is hitting some wallbangs but on the other hand, they're mainly in focused areas (countdown: through walls towards doors where people most likely run through)
    He does hit a fair few, but what I'm taking away from this is he misses a lot more than he hits and these are only the ones shown in the condensed video of select parts of the game
    It'd be nice to see the full demos if you can put them in a ZIP file and post them?

    I won't lie, personally I feel like I wallbang better ;)
  • Well the first one at 0:12 was clearly wallhack, i was not exposed at all and he hit without having any line of sight to even know that i was there (with sound alone he couldnt track me down and hit every shot like that),
    wich made me suspicious and lead me to watch killcam and start spectating in the first place. Generally yes many times it looks like just shooting on luck, but that guy was so terribly bad and did hit so mystirously precise so many shots, thats not even funny.
    I mean he is not a Prototype class of player to know every single path :P.
    He is verry clearly always reacting to a visual input, he never just starts randomly shooting on walls where it makes sense.

    I havent recorded the whole game, i just recorded for couple of minutes at a time to not make the videos too long and big, and worst thing is i wasted like 5 min of recording T-Rocket|Jessie, while i was sitting there and thinking "wtf? that guy plays normal, why did he only once use wallhack on that one kill and turned it off imidiatly?! could it be so much of a coincidence?". Then i noticed they are 2 x)

    As im trying to zip them now i see it doesnt get any smaller, as the files are mp4 format and they are together 1,89GB, so i cant upload them here.
    I could send them to your email via wetransfer though, or i could upload the original videos on youtube and share the link, but this will take time and i would do it tomorrow then.

    Best regards
  • Ahh my bad xD, I didn't notice you weren't showing, typed this off of memory after watching the whole thing, for some reason I thought you ran in from outside rather than down the stairs
    Yeah he traces you pretty easily and my thoughts are the same as well regarding his skill level.
    He doesn't seem like the best of players and he could have got lucky on some of the shots he took, but that first one is very very questionable.
    Just makes me scratch my head at how he was missing so many. If he didn't want to seem like he had WH, why shoot through walls in the first place
  • The fact that he missed many doesnt mean he doesnt shoot randomly on purpose. Just because he is wallhacking doesnt mean that he would always hit, or that he would only shoot when he sees something behind the wall.
    He can fake miss just like he can avoid shooting through walls.
    You want to give him the benefit of the doubt - fair enaugh. But my 11 years of cod4 experience screamed wallhack in this istuation and im gonna show you the instances that lead me to believe so.
    I know i should have recorded ingame for forum purposes, but as i didnt use any forums to report cheaters past several years and got used to upload easily the mp4 files on youtube i just turned on shadowplay.

    So here are the original takes and my explanation for each instance where i believe him to use wallhack,
    i marked my certain suspicions with -!!!- : (in the last video turn down the volume at 1:22, i turned off the mic to talk to my father, after 1:33 its safe again to turn volume up)

    a clip that i took coincidentally before i noticed the wallhack:

    -!!!- the first time i saw the wallhack, after this one i was directly certain of him cheating and decided to go spec for taking further proof

    after i wasted like 5 min of recording the wrong guy i turned music back on and kept playing until i noticed they are 2 T-Rocket guys, at the end i remembered to turn music off again as i was going to upload the footage

    at 0:04 he shoots at a wall from an angle that makes zero sense, you can argue about that

    at 0:16 he quickly turns left and shoots at a guy, 3 seconds later he jumps and you can see the guy he shooted at, this is a clear visual reaction, not a random shot

    -!!!- at 0:07 he turns right and aims directly on that sniper behind the trashcan, he had no clue at all after a fresh respawn, this is a 100% wallhack

    at 0:11 he doesnt run upstairs, wich makes little sense, but this one alone without the other one before you could argue that he just checked the spawnpoint (but at this point we already saw that he is clearly wallhacking)

    at 0:18 he shoots weirdly behind the fence without keeping the aim straight on the refridgerator spot, wich seems like he is tracing a target, but still argueable for this one as we never see if there was a guy


    at 0:00 he kills with no vision, you can argue that its the start of the video and we dont know what happened before (although i saw him respawning and pulling this one of as i was hitting the hotkeys to sart recording)

    at 0:02 he clearly reacts to a visual input but fails, there is no reason to shoot at this angle, nobody shoots there normally

    -!!!- at 0:11 he kills felix after respawn instantly, this is just as 100% clear wallhack as the first one that he did on me, there is no way of twisting and turning this into an arguement, its certain
    at 0:21 you could argue that this was luck

    at 2:12 he spawns and shoots that guy before he even appears, uncertain, but not normal

    at 2:55 he spawns and shoots FearThis, uncertain again, but edgy

    After rewatching the whole footage closelly im dead certain that this guy is cheating. Now its not just a strong feeling, i know for sure.
    Granted you could argue about most of them, but there are verry clearly kills that are impossible to pull of like this.
    At the verry least remember that guy and keep a verry close eye on him. (Although i would ban him imidiatly after rewatching the footage, if i was an admin!)

    Best regards

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  • TNT wrote:

    But my 11 years of cod4 experience
    CoD4 isn't even 11 years old.

    I put him on the watchlist. Cuz you can cleary see that he got screenshoted.
    but we didn't find anything....So we are investigating


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