Extreme Camping despite several warnings

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  • Extreme Camping despite several warnings


    Any actions for these kinda players ? spectated him for 2 matches and he was continuing with his camping , spawn killing attitude
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    We don't Judge On basis Of playstyle
    But in cases of Extreme Camping a warning is given
    Or Temp Ban is given
    For me in this case a warning is enough

    You mentioned Spawnkill But i did'nt See one

    PS: You guys Knew he was there but Muntiple Times :D :D :D
    Same mistake i mean No one was able to kill him even they knew he was there

    Yea That is Hilarious
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    Well this demo is just a 3 minute of 10 minutes i spectated him...other maps he was spawn killing...and also i wasn't playing was just spectating or he would have hated that place ( where he was camping ) then anything lol
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