Motivation to the team

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    • Motivation to the team

      Hello to each other!

      I want to clarify something ..
      Be it because of my private life and because of the preparations for the second GB-Event, I have retired somewhat in the forum.

      I read in the applications when admins are called via !calladmin or if someone simply writes to me on any server and says that there has not been an admin on the GB2 server for hours.

      I want to make one thing clear.

      From the server owner to the members - everyone does their best to keep all our servers running smoothly. I can understand anyone who is annoyed because of an idiot who can not play without hacks and aimbots. You can hear all the time that there is no admin on the GB2 server. I ask you, no matter what time I join the GB2, I see at least one admin. If need be, also a moderator.

      It may happen that there is no admin for a long time online. So we ask you for help and say it or ask each time, if there is report if you have a demo in hand. The demos make you only more believable, also us!

      I'd like to add something last: there are no robots behind the screens. We have families just like that, just as a private life. We have something else to do for a few hours.
      Of course we want to offer you all an enjoyable game. Please do not make the admins so small. They invest so much time and so much power, that you can at least play a few rounds edible...

      Thanks to all my team! You are just great! <3
    Freaky Winner of
    3rd GB Event
    Q1 2019