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    • Hello everyone :)

      • I found myself many times in TeamDeathMatch servers to be on a team with not-skilled players or skilled players while the enemy team is opposite skilled based.
      • What i mean is that apart the balance that admins manualy do or the auto-balance does that balance the two teams so they will have the same amount of players is there any way the |gb| bot or the admins will (auto)-balance the players accordingly the skill that they have on the server they join?? Does each server keep stats that include k/d ratio or the score they achieve so that will be possible?
      • I think it will make the matches more fair and interesting for all new players will be able to get "carried" by more skilled players so that they will not die the whole game so easily if they will compete a team with the same amount of players but with way more skills and they will have the chance to compete other non-skilled players and for experienced players they will play more keenly because they will have to win against good players.
      • i would love to hear your opinions about this and if it is fair and possible to happen. :hmm: ^^
      ( sorry if have made english mistakes :grumble: :rofl: )

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    • As of the moment, the balancing works by creating 2 equal (or close to) teams of players regardless of skill level.
      There is the command !shuffle, which mixes the teams and creates 2 new teams; but this doesn't seem to be functional at the moment. :)
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