• |GB| Event #2 Information •

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  • • |GB| Event #2 Information •

    Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, to the second and final GB Event of 2018!

    First of all, I'll start off by saying, if you haven't registered to play the event but you want to, please click this link to register. You have until December 6th 2018!
    Only GB Members and above are granted access, so If you're not a member, apply now to be eligible for the 3rd GB Event at the beginning of next year.
    @Mawlana has kindly set up a GB Event Discord server, you can follow the event on discord and discuss future tournaments! discord.gg/KvnaMcj
    Now that that's out of the way, lets get to it.

    Date & time of the event: Saturday 15th December 19:00 CET (Central European Time)

    The final preparations are being made to ensure a second successful and enjoyable event!
    You've had your pick of game-modes, and the results are in.
    Below shows which modes are to be played, and on what maps.

    Game 1 = Crossfire

    *Short break*

    Game 2 = Backlot

    *Short break*

    Game 3 = Strike

    *10 minute break*

    Game 4 - Winter Crash

    *Short break*

    Game 5 = Backlot

    *End of Event/can continue on GB#1/GB#2 for fun*

    Teams and game-modes are yet to be announced, but more information will follow after closing registration (December 6th).
    Standard rulings are in place across the event to ensure a peaceful play-through with minimal unscheduled interruptions.

    If the event has started and you abandon the game without reason, you will be kicked from the event and you will no longer participate.

    Note that this is only valid for GB-Event #2. You will be eligible to register for future GB-Events.

    • You may not change team!

    • Whoever goes AFK during the game without reason, is thrown out. There is also no way to play again. That's what breaks are for!

    • Glitching is strictly prohibited!

    • The use of Fast-Fire binds/scripts are NOT ALLOWED. That includes (but it not limited to) Semi-auto binds & Sniper Binds. Let's play fair.

    If a player is kicked off the server for connection issues, then he/she may re-enter the server!
    If you are relapsing frequently and violate these rules, a temporary or full exclusion from all GB-Events may be imposed!

    Small breaks have been allocated after each map. If you need longer than 5 minutes, let both teams know so we're not waiting around.
    After game 3, there is a slightly longer break for those of you who smoke.

    This thread will be updated in the near future with teams, or any other event related information.

    Thanks for your time everybody, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

    Kind Regards,
    Event Manager - GB Server Admin

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  • Understood, so rapid fire is prohibited, that's good, but how about "cycle skipping" (eg : skipping the reload animation of bolt action snipers and AKs) is it included ?
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    -Friedrich Nietzsche.
  • As long as it's not through a script/bind then all is good :D
    If you shoot a bolt-action, and don't have to re-chamber a round before firing again (ie the whole animation) then that's banned
    I myself use scripts for fast-firing the M40A3, but they are restricted.

    I hope this makes sense haha
    Kind Regards,
    Event Manager - GB Server Admin

    GB Event Stats
    GB Event Discord
    GB Event Historical Results
  • I think I sort of misunderstood xD
    If you mean where you've technically already reloaded but you've still got the animation going, so you switch weapons back and forth to cancel the animation

    If so then yeah it's allowed. I legit couldnt stop myself from doing that, it's every time I reload xD

    That rules just for if it's in an autoexec.cfg or the likes.
    Configs are allowed of course, just not rapidfire configs :)
    Kind Regards,
    Event Manager - GB Server Admin

    GB Event Stats
    GB Event Discord
    GB Event Historical Results
  • ill let you in next week if i can or not.. i know my work schedule just a few days in advance so ill edit this as soon as i find out when i work :D

    edit: so i got the info tday, working in the morning saturday, so im good to play :D

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