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    • Hello

      I play on GB#8 from a certain date

      I have suggestions:

      #1 Pistols

      There are to many lvl's with pistols. In the begginig it rlly depends of where u respawn and lucky. If you joined later it is almost impossible to catch the leader, or even fight with other players. So game is boring becouse mostly you are dying :/

      Also there are to many sniper rifles imo (but it is not soo hard as pistol so it is not soo important)

      #2 Respawn

      Sometimes (very often) respawn I undurstand it on small maps. But it happens even on bigger maps. It's frustrating when I die than I respawn near the enemy,sometimes few times in a row. I dont have time to look around and I die next time..Is it possible to fix it?
    • To piggyback on this request, I was discussing a suggestion with a member of GB#8 who wonders if we can change it to Free-For-All if it's below a certain number of players
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    • Hey @jey-jey and thanks for the suggestion, We do appreciate it.
      1. I personally have problems with pistols and snipers because of my mediocre aim and slow clicker finger it is part of the mod, you know, "gungame"
      2. The "catching on to the leader" thing; we have something called "a handicap" in the mod, basically when you join the game too late and you are far away from the herd, you get the level of the last player in the server so it may not make you catch on to the leader but it will surely give you the challenge.
      3. Respawns: it is a tdm based spawn mechanism; every player spawns in his team side, sometimes an enemy invades, he gets a bunch of spawn kills and then the team spawn spots shift a very common thing especially in the "dust world" map
      If you still have some concerns please don't hesitate to cantact us!
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