"?" unban appeal

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  • Quiet, it was just a kick, and if they were kicked several times, we are talking about a problem.

    I've played almost 700 hours and I only have one kick from an administrator and it was from one such gbDomaxia, that almost nobody knows him :D

    why I wrote

    ass instead of, as


    For me these words are very similar and only adding a letter becomes a bad word

    i am nooob in english

    He was on the map called Creek, he thought he was offending someone.

    human errors we all have them :)
    220 ping + 40 fps + noob = relapmk

  • I have great respect for the administrators because they sacrifice themselves so that the game is as fair as possible, :)

    So, if a player was kicked unfairly, keep in mind that it's a person who did that, not a robot.

    PD: the truth is that I'm writing just to earn some points, everything I wrote is a lie. :D
    220 ping + 40 fps + noob = relapmk

  • Finally someone says it in the clan!
    And if u see the video u should realize that its not just about camping they just dont like u to kill them or have a better score then them they will get irritated and kick u if u ask whats the reasoning they will say u were camping or spawnkilling and they have a huge numbers admins or gb members to back them up . There is times we camp yes when we face harder matches if u kick those times ok its alright but there is times when we are playing still kicks players because they are framed as campers previously so no one would ask the question was it right he kicked him cause he will say he always camps even though he was not camping at that time or just what he was doing was camp even it didnt seemed so.They always forcefully proving what we are doing is everything wrong and they were never wrong .Look at the video even if that kind of playing is wrong than it means eighty percent of the players that actually plays on gb#2 server and who are regular players and keeping the server filled should leave and how can that play be camping that is like forcing everyone to be a tryhard play like pro do shiny moves complete void of sense that everyone doesnt have same mentality not everyone can be skilled not everyone willling to do so they are trying to enjoy their own way.
  • GB clan rule#1 never question a admins actions or this kind scenario will be initiated:

    player:why did u kicked i did'nt know what i did wrong.

    admin:whatever u did was wrong

    player:how can that be!

    admin:Because im the almighty admin.

    player:Thats wrong.

    admin:You are free to leave to leave and play on another server.
  • hmmm... ?( i just saw that is kakari 8o
    i didn't had problems with you (about camping) that few times on gb2 :huh: , as long as i remember
    i don't play often there...my hand (read reflex) is too old for that kind of gameplay ;)
    btw i'm sorry for you with all that proto/freak/rus/maxi action over there :minigun: