• |GB| Event #3 Information & Registration •

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  • • |GB| Event #3 Information & Registration •

    Please register below if you're able to make it. 14
      Unfortunately I won't be able to make it. (7) 50%
      I can make it, see you on the battlefield chumpz! (7) 50%

    Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, to the first GB Event of 2019!

    First of all, I'll start off by saying, if you haven't registered to play the event but you want to, please do so by entering the poll above. You have until February 13th 2019!
    Only GB Members and above are granted access, so If you're not a member, apply now to be eligible for the 2nd GB Event at some point in the near future.
    @Mawlana has kindly set up a GB Event Discord server, you can follow the event on discord and discuss future tournaments! discord.gg/KvnaMcj
    Now that that's out of the way, lets get to it.

    Date & time of the event: Saturday 16th February 19:00 CET (Central European Time)

    The final preparations are being made to ensure a successful and enjoyable event!
    Below shows which modes are to be played, and on what maps.

    Game 1 = Broadcast

    *Short break*

    Game 2 = Crash

    *Short break*

    Game 3 = District

    *10 minute break*

    Game 4 - Vacant

    *Short break*

    Game 5 = Backlot

    *End of Event/can continue on GB#1/GB#2 etc for fun*

    Teams and game-modes are yet to be announced, but more information will follow after closing registration.
    Standard rulings are in place across the event to ensure a peaceful play-through with minimal unscheduled interruptions.

    If the event has started and you abandon the game without reason, you will be kicked from the event and you will no longer participate.

    Note that this is only valid for GB-Event #3. You will be eligible to register for future GB-Events.

    • You may not change team!

    • Whoever goes AFK during the game without reason, is thrown out. There is also no way to play again. That's what breaks are for!

    • Glitching is strictly prohibited!

    • The use of Fast-Fire binds/scripts are NOT ALLOWED. That includes (but is not limited to) Semi-auto binds & Sniper Binds. Let's play fair.

    If a player is kicked off the server for connection issues, then he/she may re-enter the server!
    If you are relapsing frequently and violate these rules, a temporary or full exclusion from all GB-Events may be imposed!


    Prizes will be provided to the Man of the Match in the days following the event, after footage has been watched and discussions have finished.
    MOTM is determined by a few factors, some of these factors include: Effort given in the game, clutches, effectiveness within the team, overall score etc.
    The MOTM gets the following:

    • 1x €20 Steam Voucher.
    • 1 Month of VIP on all GB servers.
    These prizes are paid and provided by both @Mawlana and @Freaky.

    Small breaks have been allocated after each map. If you need longer than 5 minutes, let both teams know so we're not waiting around.
    After game 3, there is a slightly longer break for those of you who smoke.

    This thread will be updated in the near future with teams, or any other event related information.

    Thanks for your time everybody, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!


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  • IveMESTAR wrote:

    still little early for me to know if i can "make it", but for sure if i can i'm "in"
    Don't worry, I've set the poll so you can change your answer, whatever is there on 13/02/2019 is what counts :D
  • Hi. I have two questions about two rules: :D

    Freaky wrote:

    Glitching is strictly prohibited
    Does it mean in general or do you mean it like in the ruleset "Glitching (if out of view or extreme advantageous)" ?

    Freaky wrote:

    The use of Fast-Fire binds/scripts are NOT ALLOWED. That includes (but is not limited to) Semi-auto binds & Sniper Binds
    Can you tell us in more detail which binds?
    Because from what I understand a simple Weapon-Switch bind is none of these things. Am I right?
    It interrupts your reloading. Only if you will use it with a Sniper, the bind will change to a Fast-Fire bind.
  • @SHADOW_

    We'll follow the general GB ruling, you can use spots like the roof glitch on crash

    Scripts as in auto exec etc. General quickswapping a weapon to cancel/speed up reloading is allowed and completely fine :)
  • Short information about Event #2

    The rules that event management has set up are serious.
    If the logged-in player logs out of GB Event #2 at short notice, the player will no longer be in the GB-Event #2 tolerates and thus has no way to log in again!

    At GB-Event #3 there is no registration for @FC Razor.
    It has been set a fixed time and everyone has adhered to it. At this time you were in the forum on the road. We also called you in the forum, but you did not respond.

    You can sign up again at GB-Event #4.
    If the rules are not followed in the future, a final exclusion of all GB-Events will follow.

    GB-Eventmanager & Moderator
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  • Meine Frage ist, wo ist der Sinn bei einem GB Event, wenn Leute die sich 1 oder 2 mal zu spät abgemeldet haben, direkt permanent von allen Events auszuschließen?

    Meines Erachtens sollte man die Schwelle doch etwas höher setzen.


    GB-Management | Headadmin | Server Engineer
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  • Da stehts nirgends, dass er permanent von allen Events ausgeschlossen ist, oder?

    Die Regeln haben sich seit Tag 1 nicht geändert und habe es immer angesprochen. Habe trotzdem immer ein Auge zugedrückt und das wird ab Event #3 nicht mehr passieren.
    Regeln sind Regeln und da sollte man sich daran halten. Und was passiert wenn jemand öfters gegen die Regeln verstößt? > Die Person wird endgültig vom Event ausgeschlossen.

    Ich habe den Leuten auch die Möglichkeit gegeben, dass sie sich abmelden.
    Wer sich nicht abmeldet macht beim nächsten Event nicht mit.

    Steht überall so..
    Und wer nicht genauer liest, hat bereits verloren. ;)

    Ganz liebe Grüße :)
    GB-Eventmanager & Moderator
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  • Ja ich glaube du hast nicht richtig gelesen XD

    Du hast geschrieben das Leute, welche die Regeln verletzen von allen Events ausgeschlossen werden, also permanent. Das habe ich auch geschrieben in Form von. 1 oder 2 mal zu spät abmelden. Das war meine Ursprungsfrage, ob das nur ein zitierter halber Satz war, oder der ganze.
    Es ging ja nur um diesen einen Punkt :D

    GB-Management | Headadmin | Server Engineer
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  • Was ist daran schwer zu verstehen?
    Wir haben so viele Regeln gesetzt und du fixierst dich nur auf's "abmelden".

    Fixier dich nicht auf das was FC Razor betrifft. Die Entscheidung bleibt so wie es ist und darüber brauchen wir nicht mehr zu diskutieren.

    Wir sehen uns im Event ^^
    GB-Eventmanager & Moderator
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  • New

    Ich kann beruflich gar nicht soweit im voraus Planen.
    Sag ich ab, könnt ich doch Zeit haben und genau so ist es anders herum.
    Ich sage zu und soll dann doch plötzlich einspringen (Samstag wieder gehabt).
    Ich kann leider nie soweit Planen, von daher tut es mir leid, wegen GB2.
    Dieses mal habe ich mich enthalten
    Leider können nicht alle Berufler 2 Wochen im voraus einen Plan haben ;)
    Habe GB3 abgesagt.
    Da ich keine 3 Wochen weiß, was sein wird.

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