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    • relapmk wrote:

      proto Still remember the specifications of your PC, year 2000?
      I think, but don't pin me down on this, it was an AMD Athlon 500 mhz, I do remember it had 2 Raptor disks (10000 rpm) in striping to boot from. I had 256 or 512mb of RAM. (Probably not more as I could not afford more.) That setup was a little nightmare to get working under Windows 2000. :) Graphics card was (once again fuzzy) a Diamond Viper 770.

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    • I remember around 2000 and 2002 we had 2 pcs at home with 64 and 128 mb ram ,8,16,64 gb harddisk
      big crt monitors vga cards were like 16,32 mb[this infos are not fully correct but we had the best pc available in our country that time]
      Playing games like marios daves cosmos commandos cs black hawk down age of empires nfs with my uncle[the person who is to blame for my addiction in gaming who is around protos age 20 years older then me]
      when listening to michael jackson in big soundboxes using win98.
      I still cant compare those times to todays epic games . They were something else especially is emotional section.The best part of that time was never had any issues with games running like specifications or crashes everygame ran smoothly and games were unique and fun[almost all devs were amazingly creative and genius in programming] and bad part was hardware didnt had good protectionablity like todays and were easily burned out that was quite a headache to keep them healthy.
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