suggestions for gb # 2

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    • suggestions for gb # 2

      first sorry for my bad english I hope you understand the 2 suggestions I have for gb # 2

      1 I think it would be great that when there are only 2 or 3 players on the server, you can only play on small maps like Killhouse, shipment, and when you have more than 3 you can play on all maps

      For example,I enter the server and we only have 2 players on the map. Backlot and then the next map is crosfire or pipeline are very large maps, in my case I get bored of playing on those big maps with 2 players or 3, and I leave the game

      whereas if it were a killhousee or shipment map it's more fun ,and I'm still playing

      from my point of view could help the server have more people and not be totally empty

      2 put 1 or 2 bots when there is only one player online ,and when another player enters the server automatically the bots are deleted

      example It happened that when they enter the server and there is no one, they get bored waiting for another player quickly and leave the game.

      at least that way it prevents us from leaving the server quickly and we have fun killing bots, bot

      and we learn the respawn

      they are just ideas that happen to me, so that more people enter the server gb # 2 and are more fun when we have only 2 or 3 players

      Because this year there have been very few players.

      I hope not to bother or offend

      I really do not know if this is difficult or easy. do
      220 ping + 40 fps + noob = relapmk

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