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  • I really don't blame you mate, I am guilty of that as well, PM me your demo and we can sort this out if you want !

    And I can assure, No cheat have survived a day on our servers.
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  • Major wrote:

    One of your members, Prototype is using a wall hack. I think you guys need to address this issue. Doesn't look good for your clan to have a member that cheats. This is on the COD4 server. I have the demo to prove that he is cheating.

    If this player is known as Bean Pole: I like him, he actually did report on the forum.

    It indeed never reflects well on a clan if cheaters are in their midst, but you are picking on the wrong person here. :)

    I have roughly 1100 connections to the GB2 server and I am fairly consistent in my games. (With 80 kills and 34 deaths the current average per game ratio) Either I have cheated around 1100 hours and nobody noticed something or you are mistaken.
    Still: when in doubt report: it is the best thing to do. So thank you for that. Now we wait for a review, can you also PM the demo to me, or upload it here? Kind of curious if I missed players in real time that I do spot in the replay.


    - Proto

    "The patient hunter gets the prey."

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  • I'd love to see it too

    I've personally played countless hours on COD 4 over many different consoles, many different servers and many many years.
    I've played so much, that in-game mechanics have became second nature. Spawn timings and game intuition are now ingrained in how I play.

    Among other things, I can quite easily spot hackers through a variety of ways due to inconsistencies with how they move compared to how they're performing in-game.
    I've played many games with Proto and have never thought of him as being fishy or cheating (hell, not even camping).

    I can whole-heartedly claim that Proto has never given me any doubt as to weather he's clean.
    He is a very very rare breed of FFA player and quite possibly the best I've ever seen.

    With that, I'd still love to see the evidence, but in my eyes, he's very much innocent until proven guilty and I have no doubts that this will be squashed once the truth has been seen :)

    Take it as a compliment @Prototype. It's the highest honour there is as a competitive gamer ;)
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    feel free to contact me through PM or email.
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  • Freaky wrote:

    He is a very very rare breed of FFA player and quite possibly the best I've ever seen.
    I remember the day I joined this server a few years ago.

    I was starting to play the cod4. I did not know much about the game. Reappearance, memorization of maps, etc.

    and I always saw a player enter with the name gbprototype, and suddenly the games only lasted 5 minutes, he always won

    I was surprised and then I went back to the server and the same thing always happened.

    Apart from the anticamp system and other things that make this server excellent,

    I was curious to see the proto game, and that's why I'm still here.

    If you want to be a good player, play against the best,

    I always admire the gbproto, due to his way of playing, he is very different from the others, very calm, great precision, great intuition, knows how to move on the map etc.

    I can assure you that against the person who plays the most in gb # 2 is gbprototype, we must have about 12,000 duels in which he killed me approximately 9,000 times and I approximately 3,000 times.

    he is a player, totally legal :)
    220 ping + 40 fps + noob = relapmk

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