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      I've been thinking lately, we're missing out on a fairly big portion of the player base by not having softcore gamemodes
      We have a fair few inactive servers currently which could be put to use.

      A few ideas that spring to mind:

      • SC TDM/FFA
      • SC/HC - TDM/FFA Custom Maps only
      • SC/HC - TDM/FFA "#" Map only (eg Crash 24/7)
      Also, a thought about GB#8 GunGame, could we add dynamic weapon rotations?
      I know it was polled before about new weapon rotations, but what if we implement all of them and each time it changes map, it changes a different cycle of weapons.

      Anyway, thought I'd instigate a discussion :D
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    • :hi: Freaky.

      I will tell you what i`m thinking about your ideas and CoD4 in general.

      About the softcore gamemodes. I don`t think that we`re missing that much of players because we don`t have softcore.
      Check gametracker and you will see that most servers are running HC. ;)
      (reference point)

      It has an other reason in my eyes.
      The game is slowly dying in the european countries. If you check the "SteamCharts" search for CoD4 (i know you can`t take it 1to1 because not everyone is using Steam while playing CoD4 but take it as a reference point ;) )
      you will see how the player base is fluctuating.
      CoD4 stats.PNG

      Even if you´re checking the SteamCharts for CoD:MW3 (if you are playing CoD4 on a 1.8 server, steam will show that you are playing "CoD:MW3 Dedicated Server"), the player base is stagnating.
      (reference point)

      To get to the point: I think we must look for an other, newer game as a basement. Maybe the new CoD?
      Who knows, sooner or later we must do the change or we will stay behind and will be forgotten.

      About the dynamic weapon rotations on GB#8.

      I mentioned it several times in our meetings that we should implement them (if I would knew how to implement them I would already done it). Therefore we did the votes for the rotations because Mieze and I wanted to change something and bring some variety into the mode.
      But as you can see nothing changed so far. Maybe this thread will encourage our technicans to finally implement them. ;) ^^
      Thank you for your ideas.

      So this is my opinion. You can like or dislike it. :D

    • Hello,

      The problem is, I asked so many Times about ideas to host something new or else.

      Nearly no one has awsered me.
      So that's why I decided to just statt hostinf csgo servers again

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    • didn't realise most play HC now even better :D

      Yeah sadly the game is declining which is a shame
      It's hard finding a game that has dedicated servers for us to host our own :(

      @DoMaxiHa CS:GO servers are definitely a good idea and I'll be getting the new cod too, which I'm sure we can be active in clan wars on there

      @SHADOW_ Thank you for such a detailed reply :D
      Kind Regards,
      GB-Server Head-Admin - War Team Leader
      For clan-war inquiries or game related disputes,
      feel free to contact me through PM or email.
      Discord: GB Discord
    • @Freaky You`re welcome.

      About hosting new games.
      Of course you don`t get an answer DoMax because everyone has it`s own preference.
      So you will never find a game that suits all of our community.

      But have you ever asked yourself, if it`s nowadays necessary to host a game to have a community?
      Most of the games nowadays don`t need selfhosted servers anymore. But exceptions proves the rule (any community mods like zombies, surfing etc.).
    • I'm planning to move to the new COD once it has been released. I will go in blind as I did not put effort in reading any info about it. What I do know is that it will not be COD4 and that I probably will become an average player (at best). I'm preparing myself to find peace in that. :D

      I hope to play more team based game modes in the new one. I would like to get back into S&D or TDM.
      Issue for not being in control as a host: All CODS that had the matchmaking/lobby system are flooded by hackers/cheaters. My hope is that the new engine is smarter and will have a good defense against it.

      Would be my choice for GB's next "primary" game.

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