Application to become a GB-Clan Member

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  • Application to become a GB-Clan Member

    • Ingame-Name (same as the topic headline) - MiMiEn27
    • Your forename - Mohd. Syahrhiemin Bin Suffian
    • Your age - 16 years old(born in 2003)
    • Specifics about your person - I love play shooting game a lot, need friend to play together, I don't like people who hacked or cheat in the game. No girlfriend.
    • Specifics about your residence - Malaysia, Sabah, Sandakan
    • Why do you want to join our clan? - To help this clan to grow more and become more popular in the entire world and I played in GB-Clan server for so many time.
    • Which game experience do you have? -COD4 (sp & mp), Rainbow Six Siege, L4D2, CSGO, Black Shot, Paladin, Dying Light and more.
    • How did you find us? - Back in 2016 I don't have any money to buy COD4, so I dowloaded a illegal version Of COD4 in Ocean Of Games, when I played the multiplayer, I saw your server interest me. Now, I buyed the legal COD4 from Steam and wanted to play your server more often.
    • Did you read our ruleset ? -Yes
  • Hey MiMiEn27, thanks for your interest in joining our clan!

    (admins only:

    One question though, we haven't seen you on our servers since 27/11/2018 why the sudden interest now ?

    Anyways, good application man, it will be discussed in the clan's next management meeting!
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  • Because in that time my mom forced me to study to get A's in exam, so no phone, no computer in that time...And I got at least 5 A's..Now I have free time to play and more interest to play in your server..
  • Hello,
    Good that you wrote an application.
    But with that huge gap between your last connection and today, I dont think that you will have a Chance.

    I am not saying yes and not saying no. But for your Sake, be active in the next days/week.

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