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    Server Administration

    • Good Morning,

      Dino asked in the Shoutbox, that someone bring Overgrown back to the FFA Server.

      I think the FFA & TDM Server needs all Maps back, there where in before. Like Chinatown, Wet Work, Downpoor, Ambush, Broadcast etc.

      It shouln‘t depend on, that we need a huge amount of Players, for getting other Maps.
      ( many are leaving after 1-3 Rounds)

      What we dont Need is Shipment on both Servers. Its just a Spawncampparty.

      Maybe put it in the Rotation after 2 full Maprotation with Scope only, Knife. Just something new.
      Same with Killhouse. Maybe 1 Round Scope and the other normal? If possible :)

      And Maybe, when a real Player connects, move 2 Bots in Spec.

      Last Suggestion.

      When u got 3 kills
      -> UAV, it would be great, when you can‘t use it, cause 2 enemies are rly near and u Must kill both to live. Now u got the Airstrike and your UAV are gone unfortunately.
      (Same with other Killstreaks)

      Gives anything, that we don‘t loose UAV for an Airstrike or a Heli for an Predator.

      At the End. Please change the
      AC 130 to the Ktk (Kill the King) AC 130. Cause atm the 20 Killstreak AC 130 are shitty as hell.
      Not Rewarding as i should, when the Rocket flys of an Enemy multiple Times and he didn‘t

      Thats all atm from my side

      Cya :this:

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