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  • pk.Taurus -

    hi,i can't join server with clantag

  • Dum-Dum -

    Hi Dant servers wont let me play . clantag control keeps kicking me :/ thxs in advance

  • Dum-Dum -

    Hi dant cant play again the new hard drive was put in use today :/ thxs in advance


    A very happy birthday man!!!! have a great day!!!1

  • Karlo -

    I don't think you need to put God in all of this,(Theology has nothing to do with games and stuff like......, Will i use cheat or not or any of your Free Time Hobyes or activities) of course people can get second chance but most of them (95 percent of them gamble it) you maked a wrong mistake to mention God and also cheatin ingame which is bad act as well acording to rules not even ingame also even in the life too about cheatin and stuff if u really want to put god in all of this which i dont recommend.

  • Lawrence -

    Hello Dan,
    Could you show longanimity, i think all people needs some kindness and tolerance in judging others, I was tolerant admin, and mature enough to realize if God gives us a second chance to repent, so we can gives each other a second chance, specially when we fall in unwitting mistake,
    thanks for your longanimity,

    • SHADOW_ -

      How about No

    • DanFitLou -

      OMG dude don't you see that this is useless. You can apologize 100 times more , write 10 more E-Mails and Pm's and at the end you won't get unbanned.
      Just deal with it. -.-

    • Vaidilas -

      don't put us on the same level as god, we won't forgive, we won't forget.

    • Lawrence -

      For SHADOW > How about No,   How about thanks : D
      to Vaidilas & DanFitLou: > You r kindly man, have good soul, my best wishes to you and all too, ask God bless you all, and give you good health, long ages, and guide you to doing good deeds, thanks <

  • Lawrence -


  • Karlo -

    Congratulations on new forum design

  • Speedy -


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