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  • Male
  • 26
  • from Abuja, Nigeria
  • Member since Aug 27th 2016
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  • sonic -

    love that profile pic of yours. :) It's so weird and mystic and odd in a great way!

    • Sean_X -

      Thanks mate. Great website you've put up btw. It's always a Joy to visit. :)

    • sonic -

      Thanks, this means a lot to me! :D After we update the PHP Version more features will come. A new Serverbrowser and a live Twitchplayer for Clanmembers are in store. :)

    • Sean_X -

      I can't wait! Been thinking of joining the clan. I love your servers!

    • DoMaxiHa -

      Now you did ;)

    • Sean_X -

      T'was impossible to resist the German Bash Clan @DoMaxiHa. Glad I Joined. ☺

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