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    I did'nt purposerfully insulted him.I just expressed what i felt at that moment!I was doing better in that match than normal.Ofcourse i would be angry being kicked out at the last moment.Why would i get banned for this.People do worser comments than this to me and the admins yet thet don't get banned.I'm sorry for my part.pkease lift the ban.

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    Yes he warned me many times but crawling is my playing style.I was not camping.I am asking why would crawling be out of the rules.It does'nt matter if he is experienced or not he shoul d had properly explained it by showing rule that i broke.As i see it it's just he was irritated by me and decided he has the means to get rid of me and he used it.plus just chat logs does'nt express what really happened in the game

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